Urquides: A Band To Be Reckoned With

When you first witness a band’s appearance, many things might go through your head. Whether it be costumes or even thick-rimmed glasses, the look of a band can often give off weird first impressions. Sometimes, they’re exactly the impressions the band wants, but other times, they could be the complete opposite. When it came to Ricardo Osuna of local atmospheric rock band, Urquides, this was the case.

You would never guess this quiet guy would be singing his heart out in Spanish on stage. Alongside Katy Stewart, Lauryn Medeiros, Mike Ward, Abraham Osuna, and Erin Nelson, Ricardo set out to redefine the word ‘ethereal‘ with deep, rich tones and melodic, heart-wrenching lyrics.


The History of BPM and Urquides

A few months back, I had the opportunity to meet Osuna and Ward at the Flying M in Boise. I wasn’t sure what to expect when heading there. I thought it would just be yet another hipster band of  record collectors and chai tea enthusiasts to be honest.


Fortunately, unlike many Idaho bands, Urquides holds true to its members. The band continuously strives for a unique sound. This clearly sets them apart from the mainstream sounds often heard nowadays. Instead of heavy reverb on the vocals, Ricardo, Katy and Erin are absolutely not afraid to showcase their voices. Then again, with excellent control of their pitches and ranges, it’s no wonder why.

The Connection

Needless to say, I immediately fell in love with the sound of Urquides. They are definitely a group to catch my eye with similarities to bands such as Cruzados and Puscifer.

Therefore, when I found out Joel Hager, my best friend, and the owner of Z- Shift Studios would be recording two singles for the band, I couldn’t help but get excited. It’s not every day a band pops up that you just know are gonna be big. However, when those special occasions rise, as a journalist, you have to grab them by the horns and go along for the ride. As for my growing love for this incredible young band, I think it’s safe to say Urquides has converted yet another music lover to their edgy sound!

If you would like to hear the new singles ‘Mula De Metal’ and ‘Flowers and Pixels’ recorded at Z- Shift studios, check them out below. Also, make sure to follow this incredible band on Facebook likewise! Lastly, don’t forget to catch the band this year at TREEFORT for a special performance that is bound to rock your socks off! After all, they don’t call it a performance for nothing!

 Mula De Metal and Flowers and Pixels:


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