Top 20 Animated Music Videos

There’s something special about making an animated video. It’s not the fact that it’s completely unique from other videos or the fact that it showcases amazing artists necessarily– it’s just the feeling you get when you watch them–It’s like being six again and watching morning cartoons. It brings back the child in you and helps you hold on to that wonder you once had when you were young.

Needless to say, I’ve always been enthralled with animated music videos because of these reasons and, over the years, I have compiled quite a list of animated feats! Below are a few of my favorites I think you might enjoy, so grab some popcorn, turn your cell phones’ ringers off before the showing, and get ready for the featured showing!

#1 Get People- Something Better

Well, it’s no doubt that this music is incredible, but with the mysterious world that is created in their video, how can you go wrong? The beautiful video shows a multitude of neon colors and creatures that seem to be aliens from a planet of grays and deep blues. As the colors flash on the screen, you can definitely tell how amazing the artist who created it truly is. With both music and art that amaze me, it simply had to be on this list.

#2 Le Le- Breakfast

If you’ve followed our magazine in the past, then you know that we’ve interviewed these guys before. Therefore, this outrageous and sexual video had to be on this list. With highly unique artwork and a very strange message within the song, you can’t help but laugh your ass off and watch it over and over.

#3 Parov Stelar- Jimmy’s Gang

Parov Stelar has been one of my favorite bands for quite some time now. As most of my friends know, I’m no dancer, but the fun and energetic sound this retro band portrays is exactly the kind of thing that gets me dancing like a complete and total dork every time. With brief images from iconic films and clips incorporated into the video, it definitely hones in to the ‘star glamour’ lifestyle which only seems fit for their tunes. So grab some glitter, a few mink coats for the road and some dancing shoes, because this song is just the kind to beg for such attire!

#4 The Japanese Popstars- Let Go

Okay, the first time I saw this video I was a tad bit on the high side. Let’s just say it got freaky when my group of friends began to watch the multitude of strange creatures and colors fly across the screen like a cartoon on steroids. We all were at first hysterical but then we all shut up and began to open our eyes wider and stare at the screen in awe.

The Next day I figured I’d watch it with them and we would all be disappointed, but that was not the case. Instead, we woke up and were in awe once more at the miraculous artwork this video has to offer. That’s why it made it on this list without question, it’s great whether you are high or not (kind of a big deal).

#5 Studio Killers- Ode To The Bouncer

Now, Joel actually showed me this video. For those of you who don’t know the background of BPM, Joel Hager and I are the Co-Owners and creators of the magazine. We also happen to be best friends as well as roommates. Needless to say, our house is kind of like a continuous ‘living room concert’ which one day included this song.

I instantly fell in love with the beautiful animations and the clever story of a chubby girl trying to get in to a club despite her unattractive weight characteristics. After I watched the video, I asked Jole who the girl was that sang the song. It was at this point he began to laugh and told me it was actually a dude singing! I was like WHHHAAA?? So check it out, be enthralled by the animations and even more enthralled that it was a man singing it the whole time!

#6 Team Spirit- Fuck The Beach

If you know me even slightly, then you porbably know my sick obsession with Ty Segall and other noise rock bands. Therefore, Team Spirit is exactly the kind of band I can get into. Not to mention the fact that this video is so strange and unique that I can’t help but laugh at both the characters as well as the storyline. It’s precisely the kind of art I love best and it is sure to make you fall in love with this fun and energetic band.

#7 Of Montreal- Gronlandic Edit

If anyone were to aks me what my favorite bands are, they would know that Of Montreal is in the top five every time without fail. On top of that, Gronlandic Edit happens to be in the top five songs I adore from this wild band. Needless to say, the video has been one of my favorite animated videos for quite some time now. If you like incredible harmonies, wild half animal-half human creatures or learning to live differently from your parents, then this is the song AND the video for you!

#8 Grandaddy- Elevate Myself

The first time I heard Grandaddy, I was about eighteen years old. I had found their album, Just Like The Fambly Cat in a CD bin at a local thrift store and thought it looked interesting. After a it of deliberation, I decided to buy the album and have a go at it. When I got in the car, I put on the CD and immediately began to laugh.

It was funny, cool, ethereal at times and most of all, highly unique to many of the bands I had been listening to at the time. I immediately fell in love and began to search for the band online to hear more. That’s when I found this funny and well drawn video of the band playing the song ‘Elevate Myself’ from the album. One of the more pop induced songs on the album, it is sure to make you feel like dancing, but listen to the lyrics if you really want to feel enlightened. They rock.

#9 Cage The Elephant- Come A Little Closer

Well, it’s no secret that I have loved Cage The Elephant since they first began. With music that perfectly crades the moaning and crackling vocals, this band knows exactly how to tear at my heartstrings, this video being no exception. The video’s animations are both clever as well as fun and adventurous. With giant flying birds and lions with human hands, the video sets the perfect psychedelic backdrop for the marvellous song being played.

#10 Professor Soap- Spacetime Fabric Softener

Although this is an article for animated music videos, I encourage you to play Professor Soap’s music with your eyes closed at least once. It is some of the most peaceful and beautifully simplistic songs I have ever heard. Then, once you open your eyes again, you’ll see an adorable spaceman entering another dimension full of clor and cute creatures. Either way, you win!

#11 Kishi Bashi- Philosophize

This video is a slightly newer video which is both creative as well as sweet.The idea of love and happiness is seen repeatedly through smiling faces, holding hands, and skipping creatures. Made almost entirely out of colored cirlces, the video is not lacking in either creativity or passion!

#12 Mika- Lollipop

Everbody probably knows Mika’s songs thanks to well known movies, tv enthusiasm and his big hit ‘Love Today’. Bet you don’t know this song, though! Although it’s not one of his greatest or most successful songs, the video is completely adorable and the song matches it completely. With cute wolf images, talk of love, beautiful imagery and Mika’s gorgeous voice to back it all, how can you go wrong?

#13 Goldfish- Washing Over Me

Ever found a video on your feed that you can’t stop laughing about? Well this is that one for me! The story line is unique, extensive and definitely funny, but the music completely adds the cherry to the cake for this one. I mean, who can go wrong with dancing fish, cartoon versions of Die Antwoord and an animated saxophonist with an intent to grind nonstop? Answer: no one.

#14 Tame Impala- Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Definitely one of my favorite Tame Impala songs, but the thing I love most about this song is the video. The fact that the heads continue to go backwards in time may be simplistic compared to these other videos on the list, but it is still creative, beautiful and perfect ofr this euphoric song.

#15 Shiny Toy Guns- Ghost Town

Now, this song is definitely one of the more ‘spunkier’ songs on this list and it has pure attitude written all over it. With extremely punk characters living in a ghost town together and rocking the night away, this video needs no explanation whatsoever as to why its on the list. Just watch it and you’ll know…trust me.

#16 Animal Collective- My Girls

The first time I heard Animal Collective, I actually didn’t like them. That’s when I heard this song, and everything changed. With extremely cool music videos, such as this one, that compliment the extremely unique songs perfectly, this band knows how to set the mood through animation. So just lay back, eat a few magical fungi and get ready for blast off!

#17 Does It Offend You, Yeah- Let’s Make Out

Okay, so this band kinda holds an absurdly large portion of my music love and therefore, this video simply had to make its way on to this list. Luckily enough, the video is also hilarious and with the extremely clever lyrics that make you laugh and feel enlightened, its no wonder why I’ve had them on my playlist for three or four years now. All I can say is play the video, but if you want the full effect, listen carefully to the lyrics as well… they definitely know how clingy girls can be, that’s for sure!

#18 Los Campesinos- You! Me! Dancing!

The first time I saw this video, I simply couldn’t stop laughing. With the adorably high pitched british singer accompanied by the cute and simple space drawings of the video, it’s as if The Toy Dolls and indie pop had a glorious child.

#19 Basement Jaxx- My Turn

This song is one of those songs that slowly creeps into your head and lays little love eggs. With the adorable bears bobbing their heads and his extremely strange brand of music, it’s hard not to bob your head in return and begin to fall in love with both the song and the video simultaneously. I mean, just look at how goddamn cute those bears are!!!

#20 Chromeo- Momma’s Boy

This song may be the last on the list, but don’t let that fool you! It’s actually one of my favorites on this list by far. With extremely clever and funky lyrics accompanied by spitting image drawings of the band, you can’t help but watch it and be reminded of such bands as The Cars and The 1990’s.

Well, twenty videos later, you’ve seen all sorts of silly creatures, other worlds, astronauts, cool bears and drag racing monsters. Nothing wrong with that, right? If you have a video to add to this list, post it in the comments and it will be in the next top animated music videos without a problem!


For now, keep watching music videos and keep falling in love!

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