Ten Kickass Boise Bands
You Should Totally Know

Recently, I was talking with a friend from California about the Boise music scene. I told him how amazing it was and how many killer bands live here. It was at this point that he laughed and said, “Come on, dude, how many bands really could come from that small-ass town?” I began to laugh hysterically and for a while, he laughed with me. Then, he stopped and said, “Wait, what are we even laughing about?” Then, I looked sternly at the phone as if to peer into his nonbeliever soul and said, “There are more killer bands here than you could EVER IMAGINE!!!”

After that, I think he spontaneously combusted or something, but that’s besides the point. A lot of people are completely oblivious to the fact Bose is a music dynamo and that’s not fair to the music deprived individuals out there unaware of so many amazing bands we all know as common household names. Therefore, this is the first list (in no particular order) of kickass bands located in Boise and the towns nearby. Don’t worry! If your name isn’t on there, it will be soon so chillax. As for now, read the list, know the bands, show the world, save a few people from spontaneous combustion and hey, fuck it, jazzercise a bit. You could use the exercise! 😉

1-Hollow Wood

If you live in Boise, you know Hollow Wood. These youthful folk prodigies have been rocking the stage for quite some time now and have made such a monumental impact that they even got to go on tour with Typhoon and Wild Ones! Not to mention their main stage performance at this year’s Treefort Music Festival. They rock and most Boiseans know this already. But hey, if you don’t know them, calm down and take the paper bag away from your mouth. Here’s a song from the guys! Check it out!

2-Cutting Cages

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen these guys live now. Wanna know why? They deserve every show they get and they rock each one out like true stars. With their new album recorded at Joel Hager’s studio, Z-Shift Studios, I’ve watched this killer band go from an amazing live set to a miraculous album that’s sure to blow your mind. Check out their song, ‘Carnal Fear’, below!

3-The Blaqks

When I think of Rock ‘n Roll in Boise, I think of The Blaqks. They have everything needed to be superstars on and off stage. With incredible stage presence, modern music videos, charismatic personalities, stage names, and immaculate fashion senses, this band is sure to make your head bounce and maybe your boobs too, ladies!

4-A Sea of Glass

Recently, I worked as a backstage co-director in Oregon with Joe Carrier, lead singer of this kickass band, for a talent show. While I was there, I also saw my good friend, Aaron Rodriguez of Noisefan Music News, who intended on participating in the event. After seeing these two members of A Sea of Glass, I knew they had to be on this list! Their original and gorgeous compositions blow my mind and make me feel like taking a really long and really relaxed bath. Yeah, these guys know how to get girls wet… was that too much? haha Well it was a joke, you creep!!

5-Rubicon 7

Elizabeth Thompson, one half of Rubicon 7, works here at Boise Pulse Music, but don’t let that fool you. Despite her employment, the duo are on this list because they actually rock! Check it out below!

6-Fox Alive

When I first moved here from Los Angeles, I wanted to get back into the music scene. I figured, ‘Hey, I’m a rock and blues singer, I can find a band!’ That’s when I found Fox Alive on Craigslist and thought I’d try out for the singing part. Chris picked me up and we headed over to the house making jokes about One Direction and cigarettes the whole way there. When I arrived at their house, they were all extremely cool and we ended up becoming friends more than bandmates. To be honest, I couldn’t sing ‘pretty’ if my life depended on it, but that’s good for rock songs! Anyways, after practice, I hung out with Micah and went to see a movie with him. The guys were extremely cool and I made a friend in Micah most definitely. Now, I’m writing a list of ten bands and fuck it, they rock! Check them out below for yourself! As for the size of their music player, remember, it’s what they DO with that player THAT MATTERS!

7-Sun Blood Stories

One of the first bands I ever saw play in Boise, these guys really have a place in my heart (AND my playlist!). I’m happy to say I made friends with these people in a time I needed friends the most and I am sooo thankful I did! After my best friend died and my boyfriend of three years left me on the same damn day, I didn’t know what to do. It was at this time that they took my sadness and lack of life and flipped it all upside down. It’s sad to say they don’t really talk with me much anymore, but I hope this will change and I’ll be hitting house shows with them again soon! It takes good friends to help you move on and great musicians to change you. Sun Blood Stories is both. But don’t take my word for it1 Check them out for yourself below!

8-Piranhas BC

These guys contacted BPM on Facebook like I didn’t know them already! Silly boys…You rock! How could you think I’d dismiss a band like yours?? Well, no matter! Check them out below! The Toy Dolls would have been proud!

9-Marshall Poole

The first time I saw these guys, my skeptical, butthole self judged them way too quickly. But don’t worry, my mistake won’t be yours now, hopefully! Once these guys start playing, the music basically says, ‘alright, throw your hands in the air, cry, scream, and stay up front the whole time, or else perish, you fool.’ Basically, DON’T PERISH! Just watch what’s below, silly!

10-Edmond Dantes

What can I say about these guys? I mean, they’re genius musicians and even better songwriters. Joel Hager, Co-Owner of BPM and my best friend, was one of their members and he has great musical taste (hence working with me! haha) so it makes sense that when I went to one of their shows, I was shocked. After playing the main stage at Treefort music Festival alongside Hollow Wood, who knows what’s next for this band and Boise bands as a whole?

Welp, I hope you liked my first list of kickass Boise bands. If you have any ideas for who we should add to the next one, let us know on here or on our Facebook! Just remember, the best music isn’t always the biggest, so VIVA LE BOIS and VIVA NUEVA MUSICA!!


  1. There are a lot of bands in Boise. There’s even an awesome roots-rock-reggae group here – Voice of Reason – none of them are even close to Jamaican but you can tell they have done their homework. Comparisons to Toots and the Maytals, Aswad, and Burning Spear would be more apt than Slightly Stoopid or other post-Sublime reggae/pop/rock. They’ve had a seeming constant rotation of musicians over the years (with accompanying variations in their sound – they used to have a keyboard player that was decent but you could tell he was an amateur and not a pro musician) but they have a solid line-up now. Their singer can sing well enough, but the trombone player can SING. If you saw the guy you’d never believe the sounds that come out of his mouth – probably one of the best vocalists I’ve ever seen. They should feature him more.

    Another great Boise band is Jeff Crosby and the Refugees. Good folk/rock sound. Their singer/guitar player bears a striking resemblance to Gregg Allman.

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