Ten Kickass Boise Bands You
Should Totally Know Pt. 2

Well, we promised more of the endless list of bands in Boise that kick ass, and here at BPM, we always follow through. So, check them all out, make sure to have a couple pairs of fresh underwear by your side when you do, and try not to cry too much out of pure joy. Once again, the list is in no particular order but every band on it have blown my mind many times in the past, and now, they are all here to blow yours. Check it out all you musical junkies and Boise residents alike! Get ready to rock!

1-Obscured By The Sun

Well, this wouldn’t be the first time these guys were covered by BPM. Why? Because they’re fucking awesome, that’s why. Let’s just put it this way, if acid had a band, these guys would be it. With dragging guitars and heavy beats, these guys make you want to dance all night at the edge of a giant cliff with a handful of shrooms and 3D glasses. Does that make sense to you? no? Then listen below and I’ll see you tonight at the cliffs!

2-Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

If you’ve been to the crux even once, you’ve probably seen these guys around. The members of both Sun Blood Stories and Woodwind have combined to form one totally awesome and totally psychedelic band. I remember going to see these guys play a few weeks after my best friend died and I got wasted. Their music really helped me that night when I was at my lowest and I thank them for that. Now that the dark shit is said and done, they’re the kind of music you want to hear at EVERY house show and believe me, they typically are at every one anyways. So, grab a bottle of wine, a tribal headdress and cover your body in paint because APTWE is kicking ass and taking names across Boise!

3- Woodwind

I remember the night I met Samwise Carlson vividly. We played music, smoked some cigarettes and talked about steampunk music. We were two weirdos trying to fit in at The Crux. After that night, I hung out with him multiple times, but then Samwise met the Sun Blood Stories gang and made new friends, finally fitting in. I was happy to see him joining all these bands and finding himself and, to this day, I still miss hanging out with him and the Sun Blood gang, but the music magazine calls! Needless to say, I saw Samwise an Judah Claffey perform as Woodwind a while back and as I sat on The Crux floor with the rest of the crowd sipping my chai latte, I was enthralled. Check out his mythical, folkloric music below to see what I mean, and don’t forget to wear your forest green tights when you do!

4-Satyr Co.

The Crux seems to be the focal point for four of the bands so far, but that really isn’t surprising since it rocks there. One of the many people that keeps it rocking there is none other than Doc Woolf, one of the sound guys and also one of the members of Boise electronic band Satyr Co. When I first heard these guys, I have to say, I was really shocked at how incredible they really were. With both the hardness as well as the raw talent necessary to make a bitchin’ electronic band, these guys have their cake and eat it too! Now, you take a slice and tell me it’s not an aphrodisiac!

5-Fires In France

The first time I saw these guys live, I unfortunately had to see the band Waking Jordan alongside them. These guys are complete badasses and I love their band. With both the look and the sound, they scream leather jackets, nights on the town and keyboards at every party. But don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself below and make sure to catch them live if you have the chance! It’s totally worth it!


Cameron was one of the first guys I met in Boise. I met him through a mutual friend, Ben Schultz, and after that house show, it’s safe to say we became pretty great friends. Over the past two years, I’ve spent the night at his house after long shows at least thirty times. We would hang out, watch Wired and movies like Dig! and then get so high I could hardly feel my face. Now, it’s two years later and I still love this guy to pieces. When I first heard CAMP, I couldn’t believer how talented he was either and how killer his voice was and it only made me prepare for this day even more. So now, I get to tell you all how badass CAMP is once and for all! Check it out for yourselves and make sure to be so high, your brain elevator is busted when you do!


Mindrips is one of those bands you wish had a record out finally. They have all the raw talent with nothing to showcase it. But, I tell you what all you music aficionados out there, have a listen to them today because, when they become big, you’re gonna wish you’d heard the early years! Personal friends of mine and great guys all together, this band kicks ass and that’s why they gained a big comfy seat on this list!

8-The Bleach Effect

The first time I heard The Bleach Effect was at the ICA’s Remix for Autism 2.0 at The Shredder. The show was a complete wreck but the bands that played were all really nice guys that deserved a better audience, that’s for sure. Ryker Fox Wilson, the main man in TBE, got up on stage solo with a keytar and a box of pedals. I have to say, at first, I was like, what the fuck is this? But then, he began to play and I shut my eyes and started to rock my head back and forth with the dark, dragging electronic sound. That night, he made a fan out of Joel and I so I had to hear more leading to his recordings online and a facebook friendship likewise. Take a look below to hear what this guy can do! He really puts the ‘Sin’ in synth. (Yeah, I know it was cheesy but GO WITH IT!!)

9-Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats

The first time I met Austin Clark, I was at The Crux for an open mic with my ex boyfriend. Austin got up on stage and began to play some extremely alternative blues songs that gave me goosebumps on my arms in seconds. After he played, I let him know how great he was and I wanted to know the band he played in. First, I found out about his band Fiddle Junkies, and they kicked ass. Then, Jonathan Warren and I became friends on Facebook and I found their band together. Now, they’re on my phone’s playlist for the gym and they get a special spot on this list likewise. These guys are genuine musicians and I have but one thing to say about them…If you get the chance to see them life, DO IT AND DO IT HARD!!!!


The first time I heard Calico, Joel had their CD in his car and we began to listen to it on the way to the mall. My first impression was, ‘wow, these guys are amazing! They must have been doing this for years!’. That’s when Joel told me how old they were and i saw a picture of them online. I was like ‘WHAAAAA–? They’re that young and that talented?? Wow…’ Now, these guys get a spot on our impeccable list of Boise bands that totally KICK ASS!!! If you don’t believe that a bunch of high school kids could rock your socks, check them out below and see for yourself why they get an A for AWESOMENESS!

There you go, Boise. Another list of incredible bands that sprouted out of our fine city to blow our minds day in and day out. Now grab your Record Exchange bags, your Crux Chai Lattes, your Neurolux shots, your ‘state shooting a tree’ hats and your Francis finger puppets and assemble in Freak Alley because it’s time to raise a homemade candle to the city that brings us (the weirdos, the artists, the musicians, the record collectors and the bike messengers, to name a few) together despite the fact the world often has preferred us apart in the past. Thank you Boise, thank you artists, thank you writers, thank you baristas and thank you musicians for making my life complete as well as many other lives likewise. Keep it up, because it’s weirdos like me that will always appreciate you and what you do and Boiseans alike, it’s weirdos like us that will keep it going forever.



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