Kieran Strange:
Pretty in Punk (and Pink too!)

From the moment I met Kieran Strange until the moment we hugged and said goodbye like long lost friends, I knew she was not your ordinary singer. In fact, the only ordinary thing about Strange is her undying love for fantasy related games and her incredibly vibrant attitude. Joel and I met Kieran at Wahooz Family Fun Zone around three on September 5th. Despite the fact it was only a few hours before her show at the Flying M Coffee Garage would begin, Strange let loose and showed us a bit of her skills when it came to Go-Karting and Mini Golf. Alongside her was her close friend, roommate, manager and touring buddy Kit Watson. Both girls were not only a complete riot to hang out with, they also told us incredible stories and shared fun facts about themselves with us as if we had known eachother forever.

Kieran let us in on the fact that her new album would be coming out this fall as she hit a hole in one like a pro. Each challenging round gave way to both the stories her fans wanted to know as well as the stories they’d probably never heard before. I couldn’t help but notice Kieran and Kit’s incredible friendship and the bond they have both on a professional as well as a personal level. Like sisters, they knew nearly everything about eachother and were able to both hold the spotlight without the other one getting angry. In the music business, it is not often that you see this kind of friendship between a band and their Manager but looking at these two women, you could tell they’d take a bullet for eachother without a blink of an eye.

On top of having an incredible time telling funny stories and making Gollum impersonations, Kieran had the chance to tell us a bit about the new show, The Switch, in which both her and Amy Fox (producer of the new sitcom) wrote a powerful and mind blowing song to comemorate. It was obvious that Strange was extremely passionate towards the cause and wanted it to be known through her music. After all, The Switch is a very one of a kind television show indeed. With a large portion of the cast consisting of Transgender individuals and the story following the lives of these individuals, how could you not want to be involved?

It’s about time that these ancient rules on ‘who should be with who’ get set aside. Love is love and this has always been the case. The hardships millions in the LGBT community face on a daily basis would be enough for most people to commit suicide over and yet these children and teenagers are able to stay strong, look up to others around them that have faced the same struggles and made it, and be who they are in a world of adversity.

From first glance when you look at Kieran Strange, you might think rockstar with an attitude or cute but untalented girl, but when you hear her music and talk with her, that’s when you see what makes her so ‘Strange’ in the first place. Unlike the countless singers of the rock and roll and punk world before her, Kieran is neither cocky nor untalented. She doesn’t seem to mind that her heart is kept on her sleeve. Clearly this is strikingly similar to the symbol tattooed on her wrist. Kieran is just herself and that’s what makes her last name match her so perfectly.

Strange is proud to be ‘Strange’ and you can’t blame her for it with a love for dungeons and dragons, comic con, and wild hair colors. After hanging out with her at Wahooz and watching her perform, she was nothing but badass in my book to be honest. Not everyone has the guts to play a show on stage by themselves and dance as if a full band was behind them, but after watching her at the Coffee Garage in Nampa, I could tell she had more guts than anyone I had ever met.

From standing up for love to being yourself no matter what society might think, Strange is anything but an ordinary singer and yet, as I sat by the stage while she sang songs about D&D and people that hurt her in the past, I wouldn’t have asked for it to be any other way. So, you want an icon for young girls to look up to? How about we throw aside those auto-tuned pop stars for a second and take a look at ‘Pretty in Punk’ singer Kieran Strange. After all, it doesn’t get more real than her.

Below is the video for her and Fox’s song, “Tear Down The Wall”. Check it out and make sure to tune in to the show!


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