Kazmere’s Album Release Party

Last week my girl Kazmere had her album release party at Tom Grainey’s. I was not expecting the number and variety of performers that night: from singers, rappers, comedians, cover artists and originals to groups, duets, solo artists and more!

Local musician Josiah Savino started things off with his slow jams ballad cover of Usher’s ‘You Got It Bad’. This guy really knew his stuff, tickling the electric ivories with some really strong vocals.

After a couple slow jams, he broke out some epic beats (off his phone!) and gave us a taste of his own original style.

Kazmere then joined him on stage for his last song, giving us a taste of her vocals while Savino showed off his beatboxing skills as well as the fact that he can spit some cool rhymes along with his previously shown talents.

Next up to take stage was Tay Eaton and Ms Jo. Spitting his own rhymes while Jo lends her vocals, you could definitely see that they love what they do on stage. Eaton definitely puts his feelings into his words and the guy can most certainly get a crowd moving. Along with Ms Jo’s voice, which is as sweet as honey, these two make a great team on stage.

Ms Jo then took the stage on her own and showed everyone just how talented she is. Strong vocals with great stage presence gave everyone an amazing performance.

One of Boise’s local comedians, Harry Penate, grabbed the mic and entertained the crowd for a few minutes before S Dot and his crew came up and showed their stuff. People started joining down on the floor and you could just tell they were all having a good time.

These guys definitely know how to have a good time too and just how to get the crowd moving.

Once they finished their set, Kazmere finally took to the stage and showed us some of her stuff. With her unique style (joined on stage by her momma), she brought her own flair to share with everyone. Sadly, she only performed one song at the time, but don’t worry, she came back on stage soon…

Up next was the equally amazing Sequoyah Jones with the slower jams (starting off with the birthday song for someone in the crowd). Joined by her guitar on her lap, she had a few problems beginning with the guitar mic but everyone was cool and waited for things to finally be set up.

More pop than R&B, the wait was worth it when she started singing, and everyone was captivated by her performance. Sadly, she couldn’t really continue considering the mic problems but the crowd wouldn’t let her finish that early so she ended with her own cover of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’.

Penate took back the mic until Kazmere hit the stage again with her song ‘They Say’ (music video down below).
Everyone once again was absolutely captivated while Kazmere shared her talent with us all. People were feeling the groove and moving along to it on the dance floor. Everyone was sharing the love and that’s the best way to describe the night.

The guest DJ tore up the stage with some awesome songs and beats until Magic Mic showed up to finish off the night just right. Like always (and just like everyone else that night likewise), Mic brings his A-game to the stage, joined by his guitarist and guest vocalist. His flows and rhymes are always on point which is outstanding!

Though the crowd had started leaving by the time he took the stage it didn’t stop him from giving his all, and everyone who was still there picked up all he was laying down. He definitely wanted to keep the party going and not let it end too soon. Him and his team never hold back on stage and tonight was no exception.

The night was definitely a great night for Kazmeres album release and she definitely brought top performers to help celebrate while sharing their music with everyone there.

Check out Kazmere’s “They Say” music video below!

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