Guilty Pleasure Retro Record of The Month:
Colored Maxi by Ethyl Meatplow

Since this is the first Guilty Pleasure Retro Record of The Month, let me explain what exactly this monthly article is going to be. Anyone who owns a record player has that one record. Sure, maybe you don’t own dozens, but you sure as hell own at least one of them. What kind of record am I talking about? Maybe it’s Barry Manilow, maybe it’s Neil Diamond, maybe it’s Kansas, who knows? The only way to tell what record in your collection is the true outcast is by showing it to your friends. Did they laugh? Then yeah, you have one of them… sorry to break it to you.

So maybe owning a Partridge Family album is embarrassing, but here’s where your friend’s laughter ceases… because you know this record, you know how good it is, you know how underestimated this artist is and now is your chance to prove it. As I add my own Guilty Pleasure Retro Records to the list, make sure to send in your own to us at [email protected] or [email protected] and as each month progresses, we will add your Guilty Pleasure Retro Records to the list! This is a chance for you to show your most obscure records off and for you to participate in a local music contest. Yeah, that’s right, folks. It’s a contest! Whoever sends in the coolest and most obscure album (but remember, you have to own it and take a picture with it!) each month gets a kick ass prize courtesy of Boise Pulse Music Magazine and other local companies!

Now, let’s get down to business! The first album for this killer list is none other than Alternative Industrial band, Ethyl Meatplow’s Colored Maxi. First off, the album is a clear blue in which you can see straight through! But if that isn’t cool enough, the album doesn’t have an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ side, but instead, a ‘This’ and a ‘That’ side. But wait, that’s not all! The ‘That’ side is actually the side you look at to see which side is which making it really the ‘This’ side and making the ‘This’ side the ‘That’ side. Make sense? The album consists of of four songs, all of which are extremely strange and extremely drug induced. The first song on the album is ‘Devil’s Johnson’, one of the few songs by the band that was turned into a music video. The first time I heard this song, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off. Although, it was definitely better when I was high, it’s strange spoken interludes make the song time and time again.

The next song on the album is my personal favorite song, ‘Birds/Close To You’. Yeah, that’s right, The Carpenters get a swift industrial kick in the ass with this fast and aggressive cover of the originally peaceful love song. With incessant screaming and strange duet pieces, this song easily hit the top of my list for the album and never fails to make me feel like shaking my body uncontrollably and turning it up to 11.

After this killer song ends, it’s time to flip the record for the last two songs. The first song on the ‘This’ side is ‘Benny Says. (dub 01)’ and it’s definitely another favorite. With strange industrial sounds, a kid in love with German industrial (such as teenage me) would most definitely be obsessed! Therefore, I was!

Well there you have it, a record most people would pass up finally getting the recognition it deserves. Remember, if you have a record you think is article-worthy, send us an email with a picture of you holding the record and why you like it so much. You might just win something special!

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