Guilty Pleasure Retro Record number two: Nirvana’s Bleach

Well, folks, we asked you to send in pictures of you with your record of choice for our Guilty Pleasure Retro Record’s articles. So, here is the very first edition of this new contest. This entry comes from fifteen year old Bailey Godwin of Boise, Idaho. Yes, you guessed it, the white vinyl entitled Bleach from grunge icons Nirvana. Released in June of 1989, the album includes such hits as ‘Negative Creep’ (once dubbed the band’s most ‘sub popiest’ song ever) as well as ‘Blew’.

When asked about the album, Cobain said that the music on Bleach conformed with the grunge genre Sub Pop heavily endorsed. “There was this pressure from Sub Pop and the grunge scene to play ‘rock music'”, Cobain said, and noted that he “[stripped] it down and [made] it sound like Aerosmith.” Although the album may have been a deconstruction of the band’s true sound, it is still quite the album indeed and deserves to be listened to if you’re a fan of the grunge legends.

Below is a video for the song, ‘Negative Creep’ which is said to be Cobain’s portrayal of what he believed he was. Check it out and enjoy!

You can buy this album today on or at your local record store (hopefully!) Stay tuned for the next Guilty Pleasure Retro Record and make sure to send in your own record for an article on the bands you know and love!


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      Well, in the the article, it talks about a point in which Cobain said himself it was forced into being a rock album which is not what he intended. Therefore it has been dubbed one of the most pop albums the band ever recorded. But even if that wasn’t the case, the idea is to show the albums you love most, my albums are the guilty pleasure ones. The other people’s albums as said in the first article can be whatever albums they love most. But seriously, join in and have a blast being a part of the music scene we all know and love! Thanks!

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