FreqMob releases new single, ‘Binary’ ft. Cary Judd

Most of you know Cary Judd by his stage name, Danny Blaqk. This incredible vocalist recently has been branching out into different music genres and doing a spectacular job at it in the process. From working with the amazing electronic act, Rubicon7, to his new release, ‘Binary’, with local DJ, FreqMob, his musical talents only seem to stretch further and further.

The other night, while interviewing Judd about his latest venture, the Homegrown Locals concert series, he showed me this song and asked what I thought. Typically, I would feel like I was forced to say it was amazing when a band or artist would show me their stuff, but with this song, I didn’t feel like I had to lie one bit.

The verdict? IT ROCKS! It’s one of those extremely catchy dance songs you just want to hear at a huge club when you’re drunk and sing along to all night long. Singing along isn’t very hard either considering the fact that the chorus is literally, “If you wanna live forever you can live forever ,you wanna live forever so you’ll live forever X2 you wanna live forever so you’ll live forever this way.”

With a killer beat and pop-esque vocals that resemble Owl City songs such as ‘Hello Seattle’ and ”fireflies’, this is definitely a fun song for a night out on the town or even a Sunday drive! But don’t take my word for it, check the song out today! The song will be on iTunes shortly as well! Trust me, it belongs on your playlist!


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