Why The Flaming Lips’ New Album Oczy Mlody is ‘Euphoric Psychedelia’

Have you ever laid down in a park and looked up at the sky and felt like you’re going to fly up into space at any moment? You can feel your body lifting off the earth below, the gravity failing you, and the world you once knew spinning away behind you. You don’t need drugs, you don’t need alcohol, all you need is transcendent music and closed eyes to feel this floating sensation. Your heart beats with every slow strum of the reverberated bass and the air escapes your lungs as slowly and calmly as the chants of the distorted voices within the psychedelic glory of your headphones.

You are weightless and as fragile as a leaf in the wind and all because of the calming voices and heavy bass melodies presented to your ears like the gold that it is. So what is this golden, epicurean musical standard that leads your mind away from your physical form with the intent of pure euphoric psychedelia? Perhaps one of the most calming and gloriously psychedelic albums of this decade, <em>Oczy Mlody</em> is The Flaming Lips’ newest masterpiece and, amidst the heavy reverb, calming vocal arrangements, and distorted drum beats, the future of psychedelic music can be found.

This is an album that redefines even The Flaming Lips’ own distinct genre and sets a new tone for psychedelic and euphoric music alike. With strange interjections, unique song transitions, and beautiful vocal melodies, the album holds true to everything this band has ever been and more. Do I recommend this album? The answer is simple that I would be stupid not to. However, this is the kind of album you close your eyes in a park and float away in. This is not an album for hard work, exercise, or even a car ride to somewhere important. This is the kind of album you disappear in and, trust me, you’ll want to do exactly that once you hear it.

So what is there left to say other than the album is a perfect 10/10 and deserves all the praise it could ever possibly receive. It is the future of psychedelic music. period.

Check out the Flaming Lips’ album below and enjoy at your own risk…

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