Die Antwoord Release new video for ‘Pitbull Terrier’

Everyone has seen these guys at least once ever since their traumatizing videos hit the internet years ago. Now, these South African badasses are back with a new album Donker Mag that is scheduled to be released June 3rd and boy, is it weird. I gotta be honest, these guys have been one of my personal favorites for around three years now and have been the soundtrack for many incredible nights in my life. When David Lynch began doing their videos, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic and the gritty, dark, warped videos made during this time period were, in my opinion, precisely what this band needed.

Well, recently, Die Antwoord released their new video for ‘Pitbull Terrier’, a release from the upcoming album. Although it’s still pretty unique and cool, without David Lynch being involved, this new video really doesn’t portray that warped, dark aspect of the band as perfectly as it used to. Do I hate the video? Hell No! Just bring back Lynch, guys! Below is the video for all you Zef Siderz out there. Take a look, have a laugh and stay tuned for our review of the new album!

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