BPM talks State of The Metal Union
with creator Cam Finnie

Here at Boise Pulse Music, we pride ourselves on how much we really care about the community. We find that a lot of music related projects out here tend to have their cliques and stay away from each other. We, on the other hand, see that this community is so HUGE that having more than one news outlet is NECESSARY! As for the metal scene, let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the acts that are out nowadays (especially in Bose) and we are aware of this. That’s why, when we were told by a young man named Cam Finnie that he was the host of a Youtube show centered in Boise, Idaho all about metal, we knew we had to talk with him a little bit more about it. We met him at his house and asked him a few questions about the show and his love for metal. After nearly twenty minutes, we were laughing it up like good friends. He’s a great guy with a great idea, so without further ado, here’s what he had to say:

Samantha Lee Donaldson: So you have this show on Youtube called State of The Metal Union. Tell me a little bit more about it.

Cam Finnie: Well, like you said, it’s called State of The Metal Union and I’ve been doing it for about seven months now. It’s really just news, reviews and heavy metal. I talk a lot about upcoming event and new albums, tours, and basically whatever you should know about the heavy metal scene at that time. There’s also a little question and answer section at the end where people ask their questions about heavy metal and I answer them and then at the VERY end of the show, I ask a question for all the viewers to answer in the comments section.

SLD: So when did you come up with this idea of making a show?

CF: The idea originally came from a night I spent with this band called Super Water Sympathy from Shreveport, Louisiana that I am friends with. The last time they came through Boise which was like May of last year at the Red Room, they came and got me here at my house in their RV and took me to and from the show. Their camera guy even gave me a mini cam to record whatever I wanted while I was there. It was after that that I realized I’d be pretty good at something like this, so I started thinking of ideas of how to do it and then I went to Mayhem Festival and it hit me. Heavy metal! It’s something I know better than anything so I was just Like, “Okay! Heavy metal show!”, so that is how it really started.

SLD: So do you cover bands in Boise strictly, or do you cover all metal that is out right now?

CF: All metal. I try to do local as much as I can, but the market here is pretty small so I can’t do it all the time. But I cover all metal, even bands I don’t like! (group laughter)

SLD: Have you ever done any interviews with bands that we may know?

CF: Yeah! I mean, I’ve done interviews with bands such as Potential Threat and Ripchain. Then, I also did The Gypsy Saints a week later.

SLD: So where exactly do you film the show? Is it here at the house?

CF: The first few I did in this office area connected to the kitchen, but most of the times, I would do it during the morning and it would wake up my dad. Then, I decided I should just do it in my room so since November I’ve just been doing it in there.

SLD: Who are your favorite metal bands right now?

CF: Oh god! That is a tough one! Ghost is probably my favorite band right now, and then Iron Maiden is like close second. I mean, they’ve always been. They were the first band I got into that was metal, actually!

SLD: How long have you been in love with metal?

CF: Probably since I was seven years old and I twenty three now.

SLD: So are you gonna continue doing the show? What do we have to look forward to?

CF: Well, I will definitely continue! Hopefully we will get bigger; I will be moving back to California in the fall mostly for bigger interviewing opportunities so just stay tuned and hopefully, we will have some HUGE names in the near future.

Well you heard it here at BPM! For all of you METAL-HEADS out there, check out his facebook page today and subscribe to his Youtube channel! Here is the latest video by STMU!

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