Arcade Fire and the Gorillaz Make Powerful Statements About Trump’s Inauguration

In the world of alternative music, Arcade Fire and the Gorillaz are giants. Both bands have produced countless hits since their rise to fame and have collaborated with some of the best musicians in the industry. That’s why these two new singles from the bands have become proverbial war cries for the millions of Americans that find themselves lost in a world where Donald Trump can become president and basic rights can be nothing more than a possibility.

Let’s face, most democrats and independents alike felt a certain stinging in their hearts on election day and that stinging has only intensified with the addition of massive budget cuts to some of the most important organizations our country possesses and the outlandish cabinet choices the small-handed man himself has made. So why are these two songs so important and what do they mean for both freedom of speech and musical influence?

The truth is, these songs are not just new singles from two iconic bands but rather political statements that help their countless fans feel less alone in a world that seems to continuously single them out. The statements are clear and are both a warning to the new president as well as a clear sign that they are well aware of the corruption and big business involved in his campaign. They speak to the freedom we have been given to speak our minds publicly and openly as musicians and celebrate our power rather than diminish our strength.

In Arcade Fire’s new single ‘I give you power’ released the eve of Inauguration day he says, ‘I give you power, I can take it away’ which directly references our power as a democracy to choose whether the new POTUS is actually doing his job or not. On top of this, the lyrics describe the fact that we ‘gotta be free’ or else the power will be taken away which appears to be somewhat of a warning to the Trumpster to keep our rights intact or suffer the consequences of a misuse of power. With reverb and funk up the ass, it’s certainly a wonderful new addition to the countless songs by the band and truly holds true to everything both the musicians themselves as well as the rock genre stand for.

As for the Gorillaz new single ‘Hallelujah Money’, it’s far from their best song but, after six years of silence from the iconic band and amazing frontman Damion Albarn alike, it’s exactly what their true fans needed. Despite the decision to include a singer many have found to be completely and totally annoying and worthless since the single was released, the lyrics are clear and direct. The focus is specifically on the corruption involved in religion and government alike and, with its obvious ties to the POTUS, it makes sense that this song still has created powerful hype for itself and set Gorillaz back in the proverbial limelight they so obviously deserve.

On top of this, Gorillaz have promised a new album as well as an extensive tour this year, which clearly leaves all of us wondering if the struggles we face as a nation have led to a strong supply and demand of quality music from the icons we grew up listening to.

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