Aloha at The Reef

Boise had a kickin’ show last Friday (June 7th) at The Reef.

Reggae super stars Common Kings, joined by Sammy J and Jimmy Weeks Project, stopped by on their Coconut Whiskey Tour and had the entire place rockin’ all night!

Boise’s reggae scene, just like our EDM scene, is still growing so as an islander myself it was absolutely amazing that these three groups managed to come out here and play for us.
Now it had been a while since I had been to The Reef and if you’ve never been, you guys have to go. The beer, the food, and the atmosphere makes it one of the more chill places to go downtown.

Kicking off the night was Australian artist Sammy J. What I love about reggae is that it instantly gets you moving, and Sammy J definitely had the crowd moving. Just about everyone in the building got up on their feet and headed right to the dance floor. Sammy J really knew how to work the crowd and everyone out there responded likewise.

The Jimmy Weeks Project took over the stage almost immediately after Sammy J had finished his set. The energy was nonstop while Sammy J was up and JWP made sure it kept going strong. If there were still people at the bar or sitting at a booth, they didn’t stay for long. Out of the three groups touring, these guys were the only ones I hadn’t heard of but after hearing them for the first time I definitely became a fan. These guys absolutely rocked the stage that night.

After a few minutes of intermission, Common Kings made their way to the stage. The crowd had no shortage of energy (or lung capacity) as everyone screamed out once they started their set and it just went higher and higher as the night went on. You could hear the crowd singing along to their favorite songs (myself included) and you could see all the (in Jimmy Weeks Project’s words) beautiful Boise ladies dancing to the beat. The Kings knew how to please a crowd and you could just feel all the positive vibes from the everyone there as the night went on.

If you guys aren’t reggae fans, or just don’t listen to it for whatever reason I totally recommend giving all three of these groups a listen. (You can check out Common Kings’ ‘Alcoholic’ right here)

Reggae is more than just smoking a blunt and getting high, it’s about positivity and good times, and Boise had a good taste of it that night.
Definitely THE BEST way to start off the summer in Boise, thanks to Sammy J, Jimmy Weeks Project, and Common Kings!

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